April 5, 2013

Family birthday party

My mom's family gets together several times a year to celebrate all the birthdays in that time of year. The birthday celebration often coincides with a holiday. I mentioned our annual Fourth of July/ summer birthday celebration in an earlier post. We also get together on Easter to celebrate winter and spring birthdays. Our recent celebration included all birthdays from January through March, ten birthdays total. There were three cakes.
Our Easter/ birthday party with three cakes!
Imagine singing Happy Birthday at a birthday party like this one! No one sings the names of the birthday people in the same order. I have taken to not singing names when singing Happy Birthday at a family birthday party.

After eating cake, presents are distributed to the birthday people and opened. Many pictures are taken. There is usually some confusion. Our birthday parties are always crazy and loud, but I would not want them any other way. I look forward to every family birthday party.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! We have improved somewhat, making only three cakes to represent 10 birthdays! In years past there were times when six or seven birthday cakes were made! We decided to cut back when there was too much cake left over after the parties.

    But yes, the crazy "Happy Birthday" singing still continues! I'm glad you like the family parties, no matter how crazy and loud they are!