March 15, 2013

Sharing birthdays with holidays

When one shares one's birthday with a holiday, it can mean a double celebration, or it can mean that one will choose to celebrate one's birthday on a different day. I asked a few people who share their birthdays with holidays how they feel about it and how they celebrate.

A friend who has his birthday on Valentine's Day says "I really enjoy having my birthday on Valentine's Day. The only problem is that it is hard to get dinner reservations."

I recently talked to someone who said that his birthday is St. Patrick's Day, his dad's birthday is Fourth of July, and his grandpa's birthday is Christmas. Being Birthday Keeper, I found that a very interesting coincidence.

My grandpa's birthday is Fourth of July. Every year my mom's family gathers at my aunt's house for a combined Fourth of July/ Grandpa's birthday celebration. We also celebrate other summer birthdays, including mine, on Fourth of July. My grandpa was born in Italy. According to my mother, author of Cats From Mars, he believed that the Fourth of July fireworks were for him when he first moved to the United States as a young boy.

Our most recent Fourth of July celebration
 My birthday is three days after Fourth of July, and when I was little I thought my birthday had something to do with the celebration of America's independence. For that reason I liked to decorate my birthday cake with a patriotic theme when I was little, although I stopped doing that when I was around eight or nine.

Half birthday shoutouts to Joe

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  1. Before you were born, I was hoping you'd have a July 4th birthday too.

    BTW, for Grandma Irene, Grandpa Frank was the 2nd man in her life to have a July 4th birthday - her dad had been born on that same date!