December 1, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Hello! I'm Birthday Keeper, but you can also call me Maria. I am a high school senior, and I wanted to keep a blog for my senior project. I have always been fascinated by birthdays. Even at a young age I always wanted to know the birthdays of everyone in my family and my class. When I got older I began writing down all my classmates' birthdays in my planner and looking at my mother's calendar to learn all the family birthdays. In recent years I have become famous among my classmates for knowing the birthdays of almost everyone in my grade.
My most recent birthday!
In my blog, I will describe how birthdays have been celebrated and are celebrated in different cultures worldwide. I will also include feature posts about birthday parties and half birthdays, among other things. Posts will include birthday shoutouts to family members, classmates, and other friends who have birthdays in the coming week. I hope you enjoy reading Birthday Keeper!

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  1. Congratulations on starting this blog! I look forward to reading it!