February 8, 2013

Birthday party themes

Many people like to celebrate their birthday with a party. Some people, especially children, enjoy having a themed birthday party. During my upper elementary school years, I had themed birthday parties that I planned almost exclusively on my own. I enjoyed picking out decorations as well as making them by hand, making up my own games that related to the party theme, and planning theme-appropriate crafts.

For my tenth birthday, I had a flower themed birthday party. I encouraged guests to wear floral themed outfits. We made tissue paper flowers and flower themed jewelry, played a game with a point system in which flower shaped beads were worth more than other beads, and even made up a flower dance. The cake was star shaped since my birthday cake is always a star shape, but we decorated it with flower sprinkles. I received several flower themed gifts.

This is what happens when you leave several 10-year-old girls alone with a cake and flower sprinkles.
In this picture you can see floral decorations and flower-themed presents as well as my floral outfit and jewelry.
For my eleventh birthday, I had an ocean themed party. Blue and green balloons and fish decorations were hung all over the house. I planned a scavenger hunt in which guests had to follow a trail of shells. We had a "fortunetelling" session in which we asked questions, then selected a bead from a bag of ocean-themed beads. Different colors represented different answers. We completed ocean themed crafts. I even kept party favors in waterproof plastic bags and floated them in the bathtub, which had been filled with water that was dyed blue. My star shaped cake was frosted with blue frosting and decorated with Swedish fish and green sour candy that resembled seaweed.

The whole house was decorated with fish decorations and green and blue balloons!
My cake was decorated with candy fish and candy seaweed!
I have not had a themed birthday party since I turned eleven, but I love reminiscing the two themed birthday parties I planned for myself. I was fond of keeping checklists for parties. Other themes I considered during elementary school included a princess theme and an outer space theme.

Several birthday party themes suggested on shindigz.com include decade themes, carnival themes, and luaus. Some themes appeal to specific age groups, but some can be fun for people of all ages. Similarly, some themes appeal more to girls or to boys. However, there are many themes that can be enjoyed by both.

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  1. You showed such creativity when you planned those parties; you did a great job!