January 6, 2013

Half birthdays

Since my half birthday is tomorrow, I am doing my first feature post on half birthdays. One's half birthday is exactly six months after one's birthday. I have been interested in the concept of a half birthday since I was a little kid. My dad used to make me cupcakes on January 7th every year. From ages five to eight I made sure to not only announce my birthday and half birthday, but every month in between. For example, on August 7th I would say "It's my one-twelfth birthday," and a month later I would say "It's my one-sixth birthday." I no longer make these monthly announcements, except on my birthday and my half birthday.

My dad made me cupcakes when I was 51/2!
 I always try to wish family members and classmates a happy half six months after their birthday. Sometimes the half birthday person nods in acknowledgment, sometimes he or she looks surprised. He or she is always flattered. Some people remember their own half birthdays; some people don't. No matter what, wishing someone a happy half is always a way to brighten one's day. If someone wants to take half birthday acknowledgment beyond saying "happy half," trendy concepts include giving the half birthday person half of a birthday card or half of a cupcake.

Half birthday shoutouts to myself, Paige, and Nick
Feature posts will include half birthday shoutouts for the coming week!


  1. What a great photo! But you have included the one from when you were 1 1/2!

  2. Oops - I meant to say "you should have included..."